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Photo Recovery: Data Recovery Mod Apk 1.65 Premium | Download

NamePhoto Recovery: Data Recovery
Latest Version1.65
CategoryData Recovery
DeveloperPhoto Recovery: Data Recovery
Mod InfoMod Unlocked
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Photo Recovery Data Recovery App Description:

Photo Recovery: Data Recovery MOD APK is an application with an amazing combination of recovering all types of files. Have you ever accidentally deleted files with essential information when deleting unnecessary files? Worried because your Android phone once deleted is lost forever? With Photo Recovery, this worry will completely disappear. Because this application is the place to store all the information files on your device after you allow backup. If you accidentally hit delete, you can access this application and restore what was lost.


Just download and install this smart deep scan photo recovery app. File recovery app and deleted Video recovery can make a backup of recently deleted data to restore files and retrieve deleted photos. You can list deleted files & retrive deleted photos and videos instantly. You can also use the junk cleaner feature If any old unwanted data is filling up disk space. Just permanently clean up deleted media and create free disk space. Quick Data Recovery App for Deleted Photos Recovery: Maybe you just deleted important files by mistake? Deleted videos and photos with great memories? Now you can scan deleted files and restore videos with the recovery app. Photo restoration app free can automatically backup photos and videos in your smart devices. Recover Photos: Deleted Data Recovery from Phone Memory 
• Select “Recover” tab to scan photos 
• Select relevant tab to scan and retrieve deleted media, videos, and other deleted audio files recovery. Junk Cleaner : Clean Up Media 
• Select “cleanup” tab • Scan for old files by date and clear junk files, photos and videos Data Recovery from phone memory - Deleted photo recovery app also provides the functionality of cloud backup. In addition to recover deleted photos and recover deleted videos, you can backup and sync your memory photos, videos, audios, or important documents. Recover deleted photos for Whatsapp: Photo Recovery app can restore deleted photos and videos effectively from any social media app that are saved in your disk storage recovery. Very easy to delete video recovery from app recycle bin. Deleted audio recovery: Recover audio files by scan and select deleted audios needed to recover deleted media. Tap "Recover" for quick deleted audio recovery action. Document recovery app: Restore app can recover files and data for text files and pdf document recovery. You can retrieve important signed official documents deleted using this rapid recovery app.

Regardless of the format of the file you deleted, Photo Recovery can help you recover it. Such as images, videos, sound recordings, audio, text documents, etc. After accidentally deleting it, you can go into the application and select the recovery item. Here, any deleted files will appear to give you the option to recover. If you only want to recover a few files, do it manually. In addition, the user is completely allowed to choose to restore all. No more worrying about accidentally losing data.


When using Photo Recovery for the first time, the application will ask the user whether to allow backing up all the files in the phone. Only with your consent can it keep a copy of all files, syncing to your device. Not only that, this application also saves and restores files transferred on social media. For example, any type of file on Whatsapp that you have saved. Not only that, data on cloud platforms is also synchronized for more comprehensive management by users.


This is very important, because many people worry that Photo Recovery when storing copies will take up a lot of memory space. The application will remind you to remove unnecessary junk files. In addition, periodically delete files that are no longer needed that are already in the temporary storage recycle bin. This creates space to better store files in the future.


Photo Recovery: Data Recovery is a useful application for all types of Android mobile devices to recover deleted files.

There are a lot of tools for recovery, clearly categorized for users to see as soon as they access the interface of the application.

Fast, completely free data recovery with just a simple operation right on your device.
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