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The file command file manager is available on our application store.  To download, click on the given download link and download it.

After downloading, go to your file manager and Google Drive and install the file.

Go to your mobile home screen and open the application by clicking on the icon of the File Commando File Manager application.

After the file commando application is open, allow you to permit

Many features in this file commando application Like you have to create your video file or image file or create a document file like any other and save it.  You will get many file options like this.

The features given in it will get you a file like you have to create a profile and create an image file and create a PNG file and create a document file.  There are many such file options in which you will save your document

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In the application, you have to create a profile by looking at your mobile number or your email ID and in this profile, your cloud itself is very much like that you will get up to 50GB of cloudy memory, in which you will be able to save your document

Apart from this, you have been given the option of WiFi in which you will be able to see and listen to your document on your TV by connecting it to your mobile laptop TV.  There are many such features in it, which you will be able to take advantage of on your mobile TV or laptop.  That too like wi-fi On the mobile, you will be able to see all such documents on your TV screen, videos and music.  Wi-Fi connection too