Saturday, December 19, 2020








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To download the Avee music player, you can download it by clicking on the given download in the website.

Download and install the Avee music player application on your mobile.  After that open the application and allow the option of file bonfire.  After that you have this facility enjoy on your phone.

This is an MP3 music video player editor in which you can edit according to you.  In the given template, you can add a lot of photos to your name, you can make it very cute, which you can upload your status on your video and YouTube. Facebook. Or WhatsApp.

This application is according to you, the kind of photo editing animation you can make, in this you will get lots of cute cute templates with which you can make your video very cute in it. 

                      Features Options

● Library

● Quite

● Visualizer

● Seep Times

● luck optimation

● Equalizer

● setting

● Template

● Everything

● Recently add

● Albums

● Artist

● General

● Playlist

●  Folder

● Video codec

● video codec profile

● video width

● video height

● framerate (fps)

● video bitrate Mbps

● Export Audio

● Stereo Audio

● Audio bitrate Kbps

● force Compatible Width/Height


You will get to see much more features this application